Outdoor Activities In Denver, Colorado That Will Help You Get Or Stay In Shape

The numerous outdoor activities that are available in the Denver, Colorado area are a major draw for people of all ages. If you are looking for a way to get in shape, there is no better option than exercising outdoors. Even if you already are in shape, you can turn to outdoor activities as a way of maintaining your current physical condition. Here are some of the most popular activities that you may want to try:

1. Walking

As simple as it sounds, walking is an amazing way to get in shape. Even though it doesn’t seem overly difficult, it gets your blood moving, increases your heart rate, and helps tone your muscles. Unlike running, which is an extremely high impact activity, walking is relatively gentle on your joints, making it a great option for people of all ages.

Within the city of Denver, there are a lot of parks and walking trails available, making it easy to find a place to go. Try looking for a walking path that is located close to your house or close to where you work. That way, you are less likely to skip a day after you start your walking routine.

2. Hiking

Hiking is similar to walking in that it is generally low impact. However, it works a lot more muscles, mainly because it involves a lot of changes in elevation. Anytime you are climbing or descending, it engages different muscle groups in your body, helping to give you a more complete workout than walking on a flat surface.

You can find urban hiking trails in and around Denver. Alternatively, you can also head out to some of the nearby mountains to get back to nature and enjoy hiking trails that are a little more rugged and natural.

3. Swimming

Swimming provides an excellent workout for your entire body. It is also extremely low impact. There are plenty of outdoor swimming pools in Denver where you can go for a swim just about any time of the day.

Alternatively, you can also drive a short distance out of town to go swimming in one of the area’s many lakes. For instance, Cherry Creek State Park, which is located about 20 minutes outside of Denver, has a beautiful designated swimming area with a beach where you can get a great workout.

This list barely scratches the surface when it comes to finding ways to exercise outdoors in Denver, Colorado. Being able to exercise out in the open air is one of the advantages of living in such a beautiful city.